A carbon credit is equivalent to 1 metric tonne of carbon dioxide saved from entering the atmosphere

Carbon Credits are achieved through the direct funding of new green and renewable energy projects around the world. The Clean Earth Collective provides ethical environmental credits to carbon offset your unavoidable carbon emissions as an individual or business. All our prices are in line with the United Nations Carbon Offset Programme.

On completion of your audit all companies and individuals are issued a Clean Earth Collective certificate. For larger orders of 100+ carbon credits, companies will be given the opportunity to be published on the international public register proving your commitment to becoming Climate Positive.

The Clean Earth Collective only source ethical environmental credits. Carbon Credit types available from this website include:

Certified Emission Reduction Units – These credits are generated by the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) and finance renewable energy projects such as Wind, Solar and Hydro-Electric. Certified on the EU Emissions Trading System. Buy via CDM CER today.

Voluntary Emission Reduction Units – Voluntary carbon credits accredited through the VCS (Verified Carbon Standard), generally suited to smaller projects with less start up costs. Buy Carbon Credits via VCS today.

Gold Standard Credits – These credits have additional benefits including engagement with local communities, health, gender equality and ecological benefits ranging from water to biodiversity with all projects are committing to the Sustainable Development Goals. The Gold Standard is our preferred Carbon Credit, as these invest into projects that have additional social benefits and support the Sustainable Development Goals. By investing in these sustainable development projects you have a wider social impacts from reducing poverty to improving gender equality, clean water, sanitation, biodiversity and responsible consumption and production around the world. Buy Carbon Credits via The Gold Standard today.

Carbon credits available to buy are listed on our Projects page. For specific requirements and larger orders of 100 + carbon credits, please contact us directly to discuss available projects. New projects are regularly added to the international registrars and we can source particular types of projects to fit your requirements. Click here to contact us online or call us directly on +44 (0) 1983 716599.