Take action against Climate Change

The Clean Earth Collective will help you put the environment at the centre of your personal and business objectives. Our Carbon Calculator provides all users with a simple method to calculate and offset carbon emissions. For business, we provide consultancy services so that you can assess your carbon emissions and build the necessary work methods and protocols into your work to be a carbon negative business.

The Clean Earth Collective believe that our advice can help to increase your future business revenue, reduce operational costs, drive efficiency, develop new commercial opportunities and build positive engagements with your customers. Our services help you to firstly assess and reduce your carbon footprint and then to balance unavoidable emissions of carbon dioxide and finally put plans in place to fully remove carbon dioxide from your business activities.

Carbon Calculator
Work out your emissions from travel and power usage. Offset your emissions today – More info

Business Carbon Audit
Work with The Clean Earth Collective to make your business carbon negative – More info

Carbon Credits
Find out about how Gold Standard Carbon Credits work and how you can make positive changes around the world – More info

Events & Festivals
Find out how The Clean Earth Collective carbon audits large pubic events – More info