The Clean Earth Collective carbon audits and measures the CO2e emissions of UK music festivals

In 2019 we measured the emissions at End of the Road, 2000 Trees and Arctangent Music Festivals. Our work allowed these events to go beyond carbon neutral and become climate positive with us offsetting previous years historic event emissions.

We work as part of the events internal site crew, engaging with all sectors of the festival, from the build and break teams to all parts of the live operation, then documented all relevant information to calculate the Scope 3 emissions of the event.

Audience & artist travel

Audience travel is by far the biggest contributor to the overall emissions of an event, accounting for between 60 to 90%, therefore, the greener the festival, the higher percentage of emissions will come from the congregation. Public transport needs to be heavily incentivised, while the congregation needs to be encouraged to make as many changes to help the environment as possible.

Energy, water and waste

These are core utilities required for a festival when accommodating customers away from their homes. Renewable energy and less waste should always be at the forefront of our efficiency initiatives.

Infrastructure haulage

The haulage of infrastructure for an event is an unavoidable part of the process to create temporary events in remote locations. These emissions are calculated by documenting the weight class of the vehicles and the distance travelled to and from the event.


We have had a positive response from our engagements with the traders and believe that the large majority would be willing to undertake their own audits and do everything within their power to become as climate friendly as possible.


A good drink has always been an integral part of social gatherings and has a multi faceted part to play in the operation and therefore carbon emissions of the event. What has become clear from the audit is that sourcing and buying local produce is crucial to keeping emissions as low as possible.