Event Wine Solutions is a well known wine supplier to the UK events industry. This company specialises in providing glass free wine vessels, as most UK events do not allow glass on site for customer safety reasons.

Event Wine Solutions ran a carbon comparison report to showcase the embodied carbon emissions associated with each packaging material. This gives events the opportunity to make informed decisions to help ensure transparency in their environmental credentials.

The Clean Earth Collective is a contributor and author of the report and we have recently amended it with 2020 figures.

Carbon Comparison Report

To view the carbon comparison report report – click here

During the following months they made the positive decision to manufacture all their wine bottles from 100% recycled plastic, thus no longer adding to the burden of virgin resources. They have also made the decision to source all their wine from Europe rather than distant countries such as New Zealand and America, so drastically lowering carbon emissions from shipping.

Recently the Clean Earth Collective have written Event Wine Solutions a sustainability report and agreed upon a timescale to make the company carbon neutral. 

Event Wine Solutions – https://www.eventwinesolutions.com