Active Projects

Biomass Energy Conservation, Malawi, Africa GS2446

CEC Status: Active / Buy Carbon Credits
Carbon Credit Type: Gold Standard

This project involves the distribution of energy efficient cook stoves around Malawi. Many households are still relying on open fires to cook and purify water. This project aims on improving / lessening the natural energy requirements of as many communities as possible through the efficiency of the design. It is one of the most cost effective ways of improving the lifestyle and sustainable development of the many communities in the region as possible. More Project Information

Past Projects

Cookstoves, Shimoni, Kenya GS827
Status: Retired
Type: Gold Standard

This project will involve the distribution of 1984 energy efficient stoves in the Shimoni community, in Kenya. This community is one of the poorest in the region being also largely overpopulated, with most of its people suffering from unemployment, poor health and poverty. The lifestyles of the locals within this community often impact negatively on the environment, as for instance regarding deforestation. More Project Information