Project Type: Renewable Energy
Carbon Credit Type:
Gold Standard

Godawari Power and Ispat Limited (GPIL) has installed a 20 MW biomass based power project at Siltara, Raipur. The purpose of the project activity is to generate electricity using renewable biomass residues i.e. rice husk to reduce GHG (CO2) emissions.

As biomass is a CO2 neutral fuel, the power produced by the GPIL from renewable biomass will have zero GHG emissions. Also as it is replacing fossil fuel intensive based power generation from NEWNE grid (now a part of unified Indian grid), thereby results in reducing emissions from such fossil fuels.

In the project activity, biomass is combusted in the boiler for producing high pressure steam to generate 20 MW electricity. The generation of electricity from project activity during this monitoring period is 340,743.434 MWh.

The primary technology for the project activity is the direct combustion of rice husk, and power generation using the Rankine cycle technology. Power generation through this method involves the combustion of rice husk directly in the boiler, with the generation of steam, which is fed to a steam turbine that drives the generator.