A passion for wildlife and the natural world

We support a variety of projects around the world from conserving rainforests and planting trees to renewable energy projects, helping local communities and collaborating with businesses, organisations and institutions on their path to net zero.

Carbon Audits

We provide detailed carbon (CO2e) audits to a variety of sectors, helping companies understand their environmental impact and how to address it. 


Net Zero strategies

Building a roadmap towards a sustainable future is essential for all companies. Once an audit has been undertook we then look at practical and innovative solutions to address the challenges.

Carbon Neutral

Once a roadmap has been established and all feasible changes have been addressed we then balance all unavoidable emissions by streamlining finance from our clients to environmental projects around the world

Carbon Negative

We strongly believe that all companies should go above and beyond expectations and set a new benchmark of environmental stewardship.

Climate Friendly Citizens

We are here to help. From tips on leading a more sustainable life, to positive action that we can all take as individuals.


Woodland Management

In the UK we manage woodlands, consult with landowners, liaise with the Forestry Commission, and help implement climate change adaption plans through tree planting and the Woodland Carbon Code.