Aqua botanical

Aqua Botanicals are a forward thinking company from Australia that plan on revolutionising the bottled water industry by sourcing quality drinking water as close to customers as possible. In areas where water scarcity is becoming a serious issue, they plan on implementing their water extraction operations, by distilling the water from existing companies that condense vegetable products such as sugar, tomato sauce and carrots. This water is usually wasted, but with Aqua Botanical’s proprietary distillation process they can ensure that water, rather than be directed to the sewers can be turned into drinking water for local populations.

During our collaboration we fulfilled a LifeCycle Analysis and Carbon (CO2e) audit, examining all the aspects of their operations, from the distillation process, bottling operations, packaging, distribution and logistics.

We also compiled a carbon comparison report showcasing the benefits of the transport emissions savings gained by having bottled water close to source.

Many experts believe that water scarcity may surpass CO2 as the biggest environmental challenge we will face in the coming years and we fully support this creative company for addressing such a fundamental issue.

Aqua botanicals