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Event Wine Solutions

Event Wine Solutions is a well known wine supplier to the UK events industry. The company specialises in providing glass free wine vessels, as most UK events do not allow glass on site for customer safetly reasons.

The Clean Earth Collective contributed to a carbon comparison report showing the emissions associated with each type of packaging material, giving the events the opportunity to make informed decisions, helping to ensure transparency in their environmental decisions.

Since our collaboration they have made the decision to manufacture all of their plastic bottles from 100% recycled plastic, thus no longer adding to the burden of virgin sources of PET. They have also made the decision to source all of their wine from Europe rather than distant countries such as New Zealand or America, therefore drastically lowering their carbon emissions from shipping.

All of the packaging of Event Wine Solutions highly desirable wines are now carbon neutral through our work of a yearly audit and a choice of ethical carbon credits that they purchase to offset their emissions, supporting projects such as tree planting in Colombia, solar panels in India, and windmills in Costa Rica.

Read more about the projects here.

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