Lazy coconuts carbon negative

Lazy Coconuts 

Since 2021 we have collaborated with an eco-detergent company called Lazy Coconuts, implementing a carbon audit and a carbon comparison report. This includes an analysis of the raw ingredients, energy use of manufacturing, packaging, and all areas of logistics and distribution, including their Amazon operations. 

This great company has developed a clothes washing detergent that does not contain water. This has two major benefits; firstly, because of the lightweight nature of the product, the transport emissions can be up to ten times lower that that of it’s competitors. The other major benefit is that because the product is not wet it does not require plastic as a vessel and uses cardboard instead.

After their yearly audit and we provide them with their total CO2e emissions, scaled up to the nearest tonne, the company then goes ahead and purchases double the amount of credits they need to, and help to set the new benchmark of environment action, and rather than become carbon neutral, they became carbon negative.

carbon negative