Lazy Coconuts and the Climate Pledge

In 2021, we collaborated with an eco-detergent company called Lazy Coconuts, implementing a lifecycle analysis, carbon (CO2e) audit, and carbon comparison report. This includes an analysis of the raw ingredients, energy use in production, packaging, and all areas of logistics and distribution, including their Amazon operations so they now have reached the Climate Pledge Friendly status.

This great company has developed a clothes washing detergent that does not contain water. This has two major benefits, firstly, because of the lightweight nature of the product, the reduced transport emissions associated with the distribution to customers is much more efficient, and can be up to ten times lower in comparison to some of their competitors. The other major benefit is that because the product is not wet it does not need to use plastic packaging and uses cardboard instead.

Once their carbon emissions had been measured and their total tonnes of CO2e discovered, this brilliant company decided to go above and beyond offsetting their emissions by supporting a cookstove project in Malawi, providing finance to save over double the emission they created, being part of a new benchmark of excellence and becoming carbon negative.

960 gCO2e = Carbon Negative

That’s how much carbon they offset for every pack of Lazy Coconuts strips based on our extensive emissions calculations. 

To find out more about how Clean Earth Collective collaborated with Lazy Coconuts and helped them on their Carbon Neutral Journey, please visit the Lazy Coconuts website.